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Our videos provide undeniable evidence that the Virgin Mary is appearing now in Medjugorje, just as she has appeared at other shrines throughout history.

You will see actual miracles and apparitions caught on tape, plus rare interviews with visionaries, priests and more. These videos truly change lives.

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Medjugorje Picture Miracles of Medjugorje
1 Hour, DVD
The newest Medjugorje documentary available!

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Immerse yourself in the miraculous side of Medjugorje. Viewers report that this DVD is changing lives and sparking conversions. Highlights include:

  • Rare video of recent apparitions
  • Interviews with Medjugorje visionaries and priests
  • Footage of the "miracle of the sun" and other wonders

    Miracles of Medjugorje is the newest release from Queen of Peace Productions. This powerful new documentary gives proof that Mary truly is appearing in Medjugorje.

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    Knock Miracles of Ireland: Apparition at Knock
    33 Minutes, DVD
    Copyright 2007

    Free Online Video Preview

    This new DVD investigates the apparition at Knock, Ireland, where 15 people witnessed a vision of Mary, Joseph, St. John and the Lamb of God.

    An Irish theologian gives powerful interpretations of the vision, including one shocking possibility as to why the Bible held by St. John was opened to the apocalyptic Book of Revelation.

    Ireland is rich with natural beauty and Christian history; this DVD goes beyond Knock and follows the footsteps of St. Patrick.

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    Medjugorje Anniversary Medjugorje - The 25th Anniversary
    Available on DVD
    37 minutes
    Copyright 2006

    "Medjugorje - The 25th Anniversary" captures the sights and sounds of the anniversary which celebrated 25 years of apparitions.

    Queen of Peace Productions filmed on-location in Medjugorje so you could experience the beautiful anniversary from your own home!

    Includes the musical debut of visionary Jakov Colo, when he sang his beautiful hymns in front of the anniversary crowds. Also includes powerful new testimony from visionaries, priests and more!

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    The Fruits of Mary
    1 hour, 5 minutes
    Available on Video and DVD

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    A compelling look at apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Medjugorje, Fatima, Lourdes, Garabandal, Zeitoun and more. Footage and interviews from this video were recently aired on the History Channel.

    Throughout Church history, the Virgin Mary has appeared during humanity's most crucial times. Today, as mankind faces a cataclysmic battle between good and evil, she has come to guide us on the path to salvation.

    Is Medjugorje the continuation of Fatima as Pope John Paul II reportedly believed? How was Mary instrumental in the demise of Communism, and how does her plan involve the current crisis with Islamic terrorism? 'The Fruits of Mary' answers these and many other vital questions. Learn also about St. Malachy's prophecy, which predicts there will be only one pope after Benedict XVI until the End of Time.

    According to Christ, a tree should be judged by its fruits. With personal testimonies of healings, exclusive interviews with visionaries, and actual miracles caught on tape, this documentary proves that the good fruits of Mary are all around us.

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    Medjugorje in the New Millennium

    1 hour, 7 minutes
    Available on DVD
    Copyright 2002

    Customer testimonials.

    This was the first video ever released by Queen of Peace Productions!

    Over two decades have passed since the Virgin Mary began appearing to six children in a tiny Balkan village called Medjugorje. Although much has changed, the apparitions continue to this day.

    Now you can experience, or re-experience, the mystery and beauty of Medjugorje in this riveting documentary. Witness interviews with the visionaries. See footage of the strange liquid that flowed from Medjugorje's "Risen Christ" statue for nearly a week.

    Learn about past miracles, and about the world-changing events prophesied to come. Discover for yourself the village that has changed millions of lives: Medjugorje in the New Millennium!

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    Christmas in Medjugorje
    33 minutes. Made in 2010.

    Christmas in Medjugorje is a very special DVD that contains exclusive footage of visionary Jakov Colo's annual apparition in Medjugorje on Christmas day, 2009, and much more.

    Other highlights include footage of Cardinal Schonborn's talk and Mass in St. James Church, footage of Christmastime in Medjugorje, and parts of an interview and talk with visionary Jakov Colo.

    Celebrate Christmas with the Blessed Mother and experience the holiness of this special day.

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    Virgin Mary

    The Queen of Peace Marian Collection

    6-DVD Set Special Offer - Our ultimage package!

    Our recently-updated Queen of Peace Marian Collection now features six DVDs about apparitions for one low price.

    You will own every full-length documentary ever produced by Queen of Peace Productions:

  • The Fruits of Mary
  • Miracles of Medjugorje
  • Miracles of Ireland: Apparition at Knock
  • Christmas in Medjugorje - New!
  • Medjugorje - The 25th Anniversary
  • Medjugorje in the New Millennium

  • BONUS: This set also includes free shipping and a free holy medal from Medjugorje that was blessed during a recent apparition there.

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